Our Services

Irrigation Systems

We specialize in customized irrigation systems. Water conservation is a must! Today more than ever we need to conserve on water usage, yet we want our turf and plants green. We will design and install a system that will do just that.

We install a sub meter separate from your regular water meter, which measures the water usage outside. This meter will report to the water company and allows discounts on your water bill.

Rain Sensors are standard in all of our systems. How often do you drive down the road on a rainy day and see sprinklers running? This is wrong. Rain sensors are a must and you will be educated on how our rain sensor works so you can fill confident that you won’t be the one watering on a rainy day.

Smart controllers are very important in water conservation. The Pro C controller made by Hunter tops the charts in professional contractor surveys. Both in customers ability to operate as well as contractor installation. This controller gives you everything you need with ease to maintain a green lawn as well as conserve water.

The design is most important in your irrigation system. We carefully design your system with pressure testing and pressure loss through pipe sizing. We then space the appropriate heads in the design for adequate coverage. The design always works from the perimeter in allowing head to head coverage. We separate shady areas from sunny areas where possible, by zone, to allow the controller to provide the necessary time for each area. Small pop up sprays will be on a separate zone from the rotors. Also your beds will be on a zone all by itself. Drip systems for your beds is another great way to conserve water.

Landscape Installation

Whether it's a new construction, a renovation, plantings, new lawn, grading, trees, or plants, New Leaf Landscaping offers a proven track record of quality landscape installation.  We work with our clients from the initial design to the completion of the project. Our staff is on site to ensure your landscape project is completed properly and to your satisfaction.

Our services include:

  • New Construction
  • Annual Mulching
  • Sod & Seed
  • Installation
  • Bed Care
  • and more
  • Trees & Plants
  • Grading & Soil

Water Features

From waterfalls, ponds, streams, fountains, to colorful fish or water lilies, we can help you create a slice of paradise in your own backyard.

Each water feature designed and created by New Leaf Landscaping is a unique concept combining natural stone material and water falls and streams. We integrate your interests and desires with the beautiful accent of nature.

These breathtaking displays of the natural environment provide years of enjoyment from the relaxing sight and sound of moving water.

Pondless Water Features provide the same relaxing ambience of a standard water feature without a pond and without the risk of young children. Also there is less maintenance and no fish to worry about.


We provide the highest quality fence and deck materials to its Hampton Roads customers. We mix our concrete bags where our competition throws the concrete in the holes dry. The most popular fencing material used in the Hampton Roads area is cedar.

Cedar Fencing is attractive and functional, because of its natural deterrents to insect infestation and resilience in the worst of climates.

Vinyl Fencing is maintenance free, attractive, and long lasting. Available in a variety of styles and colors, vinyl fencing is an excellent investment and addition to your home or business. All our vinyl fencing comes complete with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty.

Ornamental Aluminum Fencing offers a combination of durability, strength and clean appearance. Aluminum Fencing will remain structurally sound for a lifetime. The finish will not crack, chip or peal. We issue a manufacturer's lifetime warranty with every fence system installed.

Chain Link is versatile, economical and available in a variety of styles and sizes. All structural components are galvanized for long life. The galvanizing process protects the steel providing a fence that is corrosion resistant, maintenance free and long lasting.

Custom Decks

A deck can add significant value to your property and simultaneously become an exciting new space for entertainment and relaxation. We work with you to create a custom deck that reflects your own good taste, and that enables you to bring your indoor lifestyle out of doors.

Cedar is a lightweight wood that is well suited for decks and stairs. It is naturally decay-resistant, light in weight, easy to work with and compliments any architectural style.

Trex is one of the new breed of composite decking materials, Trex is a combination of cedar fiber and recycled material with a wood appearance. This material is rot- and termite-proof and is very low maintenance.

Vinyl was originally developed for marine docks. These materials offer slip resistance and a choice of colors. Vinyl Decks have become very popular for residential decking because of its slip resistance, minimal maintenance and choice of colors.

Arbors and Pergolas

These impressive and stately structures are one of our specialties and can be a lovely addition to any landscape. Pergolas can be beautifully functional when integrated into a poolside deck or patio. They offer a shady retreat from the sun and a great location for barbecues.


Paving Stones define beauty, elegance and durability for driveways, pool decks, walkways and patios.

Flag Stones with their natural look are installed with a designers touch by turning over a NEW LEAF. Hardscapes will customize and create exquisite and unique designs to suit Your Life ... Your Style. Make your project a success by hiring the right professionals.

We’re ready to install your paving stone and retaining wall.

Hardscapes are at the forefront of the paving stone and retaining wall industry. We enjoy what we do and are constantly striving for excellence in every project. We understand common budget and planning concerns. Both will be of the utmost importance when we work together with you to complete your project.